VCFO Unit Awards

The Award

  • The VCFO Unit Award covers All Non-Department Head VCFO staff (Labor-Represented; Civil Service; and Academic Professional/Administrative (P&A)) employees who do not hold faculty rank appointments, irrespective of percentage of appointment.
  • It recognizes outstanding employee performance or service to the campus as reflected by one or more of the following:
    • Leadership on the job
    • Customer focus
    • Quality of service
  • The amount of the award is $250 added to the employee’s pay, with taxes reducing the net award.
  • The VCFO Unit currently receives funding for 14 awards per fiscal year. All yearly awards will be distributed and no carryforward of awards from one fiscal year to the next will be allowed.
  •  Each winner, their supervisor and department head will be invited to a complimentary, winners luncheon with the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations.


  •  The Assistant to the VCFO serves as the VCFO Unit Awards Coordinator.
  •  The VCFO Department Heads serve as VCFO Unit Awards Selection Committee. 

Nomination Process

  • Click HERE for the online nomination form.  You can also submit nominations to the VCFO Unit Awards Coordinator, either by mail to 209 Darland or email [email protected]. Nominations can be sent at any time and will be included for consideration in the quarter in which they are received.
  • Preference will be given to nominees who haven’t received an award in the past two years (three years for members of a management team).
  • Awards are for individuals, not for teams.
  •  Nominators will:
    •  Provide the nominated employee’s name and department or area and a few sentences that details the employee’s performance that would merit an award (see “The Awards” criteria, above)