VCFO Change Team

Implementing Campus Climate Initiatives

UMD has specific teams that work to create a campus culture that is welcoming and supportive to all who learn, work and visit the campus. The goal is a climate that incorporates social justice values of diversity, equity and inclusion in every aspect of the institution. The success of this effort depends on the entire campus becoming involved. Areas of concern are leadership at all levels, grassroots or unit efforts, resources, dialogue and collaboration, education and self-awareness, an organizational structure that promotes and supports campus change, and a model for institutional transformation.  Each team consists of a diverse group of faculty, staff, and students who are working specifically on campus engagement.

The VCFO Unit Change Team meets throughout the year to work on initiatives developed by the team, with input from the Vice Chancellor for Finance & Operations.  Our team is focused on operations, since, because of the makeup of the Unit, we are best positioned to serve the campus community in this approach. 

 FY21 Initiatives:

  • Improve our wayfinding system on campus for special services, with specific focus on gender neutral restrooms, accessible doors, elevators, and other similar resources.
  • Partner with U-Spatial to update interactive campus maps with layers for special needs, such as elevators, power assist doors, gender neutral restrooms.
  • Develop a campus level onboarding process for new employees to help them to be successful, and to support staff and faculty retention.  We will support other Units/Departments with their specific onboarding plans. 


Aaron Johnson, Police Department (Co-chair)
Shelly Thompson, Office of Budget and Analysis (Co-Chair)
Anna Bauman, Human Resources
Ben Fornear, Facilities Management/Mailroom
Pam Merzwski, Office of Vice Chancellor for Finance & Operations
Chris Stevens, Facilities Management