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UMD's Diversity and Inclusion Action Items for 2020-2021

1.  UMD is committing to bringing in third-party expertise to advise us regarding any policy adaptations that could help the UMD Police Department to build upon the department’s focus on campus public safety and the uniqueness of law enforcement within our university community. We will encourage other local law enforcement agencies to join us in combating racist and bias behaviors.

2.  Expand our ongoing commitment to training by implementing a requirement for all faculty and staff to complete the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Managing Bias online modules. We will layer additional anti-racism training for the campus to these baseline modules beginning with supervisors. Spring 2021 will identify additional anti-racism training for supervisors and will be ongoing.

3.  We will expand and broaden our current bystander intervention training and approach for students, faculty, and staff.

4.  In collaboration with the Faculty Senate, we will review the Cultural Diversity in the U.S. requirement that is part of the UMD Liberal Education curriculum, and challenge academic majors to create an equity/diversity/inclusion upper-division course or equivalent.

5.  We will implement additional aggressive strategies for hiring and retaining more diverse administrators, faculty, and staff at UMD.

6.  We will leverage current co-curricular programs that include diversity, equity, and inclusion to build a more comprehensive and cohesive set of student options and experiences that complement the academic curriculum.

7.  Marketing and communication efforts across campus will accurately represent the diversity of our campus community.